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tyler hoechlin winning scene stealer ◕ ◡ ◕

tyler hoechlin getting an award that’s unrelated to his physical appearance ◕ ◡ ◕

tyler hoechlin finally being acknowledged for his talent ◕ ◡ ◕

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SUBMISSION: The Problem with PR (I’m Looking at You, #TeenWolf)


here’s the copy of the article that was taken down:

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The Problem with PR (I’m Looking at You, #TeenWolf)

PR is extremely important for just about everything you could imagine. TV shows especially rely a lot on PR because without it, they don’t do well. However, you are oftentimes faced with a PR team that either truly knows very little about its own product or they focus on one thing to the exlusion of all others and make you wonder if you’re watching a totally different show. I think the idea that “any press is good press” should be retired indefinitely, because after experiencing the horror that is Teen Wolf‘s PR, I’d have to emphatically disagree with the sentiment.

Teen Wolf, now in its fourth season (fifth, technically, since I maintain that 3A and 3B are TWO SEPARATE SEASONS because THEY ARE), has inexplicably abandoned tact and good sense and has meandered into a steaming pit of “what the hell”. It’s been a slow decline — as the show increases in popularity and therefore gets more publicity, the press gets worse and worse.

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nothing hurts like the realization that in comparison to the rest of the series, the maze runner is a happy book 

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Nobody has time for your delusions, Malia.

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